Our Team

Hey there!

I’m Haley, the owner of Limelight… thank you so much for calling in…

The girls and I live and breathe weddings and you are at the heart of everything we do. We’re here to support you to feel confident, excited to get married and to have fun finding your wedding dress. From the minute you arrive, we want you to feel welcome and at home in our boutique…

As women, we know brides worry about wedding dress shopping… and we get it because we’ve all felt the same way… will the dresses fit me? Will the stylist be pushy? Will she notice my body issues? Will she judge me on my budget? What if wedding dresses don’t look good on me? Yes, no, no, absolutely not and we promise the dresses will look amazing on you because… “It’s the bride that makes the dress, not the other way round” – Kang Chun Lin, wedding dress designer

And what does finding your wedding dress feel like? You put it on and think “Oh… there you are, I’ve been looking for you…” And suddenly all the love songs are about you and you’re walking a little taller because you finally see what everyone else has always known… you are beautiful!


The girls and I live and breathe weddings and you are at the heart of everything we do. We’re here to support you to feel confident, excited to get married and to have fun finding your wedding dress. From the minute you arrive, we want you to feel welcome and at home in our boutique…

On leaving university I ran the V Project, working with businesses to provide young  people with new opportunities. It provided constant challenges which I enjoy… I’m not a quitter, I keep working till I find the solution. I’m a people person ( my girls call it nosey) but I love talking to everybody who walks through our door and hearing all their stories, how they met their partner, where they’re getting married, their dreams, their ambitions..

Puddings especially when washed down with a glass of Rose or a cocktail, Keanu Reeves, Zac Efron and roller coaster rides even though I hate heights!

Developing Limelight and seeing it grow.

Whether it’s the wedding dress, Mum’s outfit, bridesmaid’s dress or the grooms suit – it’s the best feeling when somebody loves how they look and you’ve helped them get there. Working with my girls who are always there for me and up for whatever crazy thing I ask of them … check out our hula dancing in halos on TikTok.

The friends we’ve made in the wedding world and our amazing brides and their families.

Finding your wedding dress is like finding your partner… you never know when it’s going to happen. Be open minded and prepared to fall in love when you least expect it… the first dress …  the first shop… it’s surprising how often it happens!


Caring and creative, Claire brings her own special flair to everything she does, including her handmade veils. A brilliant bridal and menswear consultant, she also models for us and choreographs our TikTok attempts.

Having studied dance and music all her life, she’s always dancing round the bridal room belting out a song, but only if she’s alone because she’s scared of anyone hearing her!

Sushi and anything Italian. Claire’s style icon is Blondie’s Debbie Harry. Her celebrity crush is Chris Hemsworth as Thor because who doesn’t want to be swept off their feet by a God with those muscles?!

Spiders… but not the fat, hairy, run fast, mean-looking  kind …the poor, clumsy, wouldn’t hurt a fly, daddy long legs kind

The creative freedom of working with a bride, finding the dream dress and then making all those little styling tweaks that make it totally her. I also love being a Limelight veil supplier. Working with the girls is a joy. We work perfectly as a team, bounce ideas off each other and laugh all the time.

When it comes to styling your wedding dress stay true to what makes you feel like you. If you normally wear headbands consider a sparkly one for you big day. If a veil isn’t you… how about adding drama with soft tulle drapes at the shoulder instead?


Sue is great at thinking outside the box and very artistic. She’s a brilliant listener and  will do everything she can to help you create your wedding vision down to the very last detail.

Trained as a jeweller, Sue designed and made engagement and wedding rings to commission. Working on school art projects led her into teaching but as Limelight grew she joined the family business.

Family time trying out new things with the grandchildren, including falling off the hover board… she falls off lots of things…space hoppers … ski lifts… the catwalk…    Imaginative vegetarian cooking and red wine warmed by the fire, French style. Celebrity crushes – Kurt Russell and Ben Murphy.

I love that offering outfits for everyone, means we get to know the entire wedding party.
Our finding the dress, lovelock celebration.
Our brides who stay in touch and send us pictures of their wedding.
Working with the team and  all our lovely friends and family who model and do photography for us for us.

I always dated blue eyed guys with short blonde hair but couldn’t get this brown eyed lad with long dark waves out of my head – turned out he was my future hubby of 40 years and Haley and Adam’s Dad! It’s the same with wedding dresses… If you are drawn to it… try it on…it’s probably the one! Tell us everything you are thinking and feeling during your appointment. The most throw away comment can send us straight to the dress you didn’t even know you were looking for!


Rita, has been a seamstress for forty years. She looks after our brides so carefully during fittings – she is an absolute star. Full of energy she hates sitting still. She can turn her hand to anything and she’s the dare devil in the team. Skydiving in a wind tunnel is one of her favourite activities.

The Rita we all know and love, enjoys nothing more than talking to new people…she has friends all over the world. But the young Rita, gave up on her ambition to join the police force because she was too shy to go for the medical! Hard to believe… we know!

Spending time in Poland with her family, Motown and Jazz music, yoga, the Girl Guide Movement (she’s still in the uniform) and all things Italian, especially olives.

Seeing my bride’s face when the dress fits perfectly and she can see exactly how she will look on her wedding day – being a part of that is the best feeling

Walk down the aisle very slowly on your wedding day so everyone can see how beautiful you are, look around you, take it all in, hang on to every moment.


We are beyond delighted to welcome Adele to our Limelight team. A superb seamstress, Adele grew up in a sewing family, even her Grandad sewed tapestries. Limelight brides love the welcome and the service they receive when they go for their fittings at Adele’s sewing rooms – Perfect Fit in Scissett.

Adele had a little pink plastic sewing machine from the age of 5 and by 10 was making wedding dresses with her Mum. Together they ran their own bridal boutique, so Adele has literally lived all her life surrounded by wedding dresses!

Jesse, Chester and Navia – her beautiful grandchildren, closely followed by her 2 Shih Tzus.

Baking, chocolate and Guinness cupcakes are a family favourite.

Sunday afternoon on the sofa, eating too much, watching rubbish TV and having a Nana nap.

Perfect Fit – the space it gives her to work and showcase the creative side of her sewing.

Be honest at your fittings. When I ask you how your dress feels, tell me. I can only see how it LOOKS on you but how it FEELS is really important. If you don’t tell me, I can’t do anything about it.


Not only is Kaye our gorgeous model, she is also kind, talented and hardworking. She manages our social media and brings a positive creative energy to everything she does. Kaye loves to mix fashion with fun, especially if it involves wearing a wedding dress whilst jumping on a bouncy castle!

Kaye began her modelling and dancing career at primary school by claiming the dressing up corner as her own. Having studied at Cathedral School of performing  Arts, Kaye performed  in Paris and Italy as well as all over the UK. She went on to achieve a BA hons degree in dance at York university where she met her husband. When he proposed she became a Limelight bride and the rest is history.

The little things- they are the big things really: Making people laugh & feel beautiful.

Leopard print everything. New pyjamas.  Slow Sundays with movies in bed. Cups of tea with cake

Watching Daddy with the kids and hearing them giggle

I don’t have a celebrity crush unless my  husband counts … Oh but there is Michael Bublé …Oh and Cain Dingle (yes its true)

Working with the Limelight girls , the cuppas, the chats, the giggles the therapy, the ideas and the fact that my little girl Penny gets to be a part of it all.

The boutique – I’m in love the place-swishing down the catwalk in all those dresses what more could my inner six year old ask for?

Relax and enjoy your  appointment – its one of the best bits planning your wedding.

Trust what you are feeling. How a dress makes you feel is really powerful. If you love how you feel in it, everyone will see a radiant, beautiful bride.


Jo is kind, understanding and so easy to work with. A very experienced bridal stylist who has recently returned to the wedding world. She is lots of fun and we are delighted to welcome her to our team. You will love her.

Jo was a real globetrotter in her teens and early twenties. She was a student ambassador for World Vision UK, she worked at Camp America, New Jersey, back packed around Tailand and Cambodia, and lived for a while in Denmark the South Africa before returning home to study a Masters in Design at Leeds Uni. Here she met her husband and finally put down roots working with renowned bridal designer Caroline Castigliano.

I am a huge foodie and love trying anything new and different, especially if it is accompanied by a glass of red wine. Strangely, although I adore peanuts, I detest peanut butter!

I absolutely love seeing the transformation … empowering women to feel confident in themselves and in their body…helping them to become the bride they want to be…

Always trust your instincts when it comes to choosing your perfect wedding gown. Friends and family can tell you how beautiful it looks but they can’t tell you how it feels… go with how you feel everytime because that’s the most important thing of all!