Wedding Dresses

Sue says..

It’s all about how the dress makes you feel and it’s a very personal response. These are some of the things our brides have said to us when they find their dress…

  • I’ve got tingles
  • I can imagine myself on my wedding day
  • Do you have any tissues?
  • I can’t remember the other dresses
  • I don’t want to try any more
  • I can’t stop thinking about this dress
  • I don’t want to take it off
  • I can’t stop looking in the mirror
  • Can I hug you?
  • Whispering … It’s just perfect
  • Dancing … I’m beyond excited
  • Stroking the dress … This is it… this is the one

Haley suggests..

Are you planning rustic woodland, city chic, traditional church, Italian lakes, tropical beach or dramatic castle for your wedding? Will it be candle lit at Christmas or Summer sunlight? What is a comfortable spend? These decisions will influence what you look for in your dress, so it makes sense to book your venue and think about your budget, before you come shopping. This way you are well prepared and happy to find your wedding dress.

The ideal time to buy is between 18 and 9 months before the wedding, but some brides order a couple of years before and others buy a couple of months before. We are here to help you do things your way. One of our brides bought her dress on her wedding day! She left her fiancé in the car while she chose her dress off the peg, then drove straight to their secret elopement wedding that afternoon!

Haley explains...

Wedding dresses range in price depending on the fabric and the amount of work involved in making them. We truly believe our designers make some of the very best dresses in the industry and provide great value for money. We have dresses at price points to suit all budgets.

Our made to order wedding dresses range from £1200 to £1900. We also have our luxury Rachel Rose designer couture collection £2450 to £3360. Or you can buy a quality designer sample wedding dress, in our Off The Peg Boutique from £550 to £950. The price of your wedding dress does not include alterations so you will need to factor that into your budget.

Kaye explains...

We don’t want to disappoint you so yes, please book in advance, to be sure there is a consultant and changing room available when you arrive.
If it’s a spur of the moment thing, give us a call first. If we’ve had a cancellation, we can give you a time to come. If not, we can offer you our next available appointment. We offer different types of bridal appointments. For details, please see our appointments page.

Rita explains...

Rita explains bridal sizing.

“At limelight you are immediately made to feel welcome and relaxed. You get the feeling anything is possible, nothing is too much trouble and whatever your size and shape, you are special”
Liz Edgar – Limelight client.

We don’t think size at Limelight…the label in your wedding dress depends entirely on where your measurements lie on the designer’s size chart. Each designer’s chart is different. Most bridal charts measure smaller than the high street often by two sizes. So we think in inches not size and we pin our sample dresses so you can see how the dress will look when it is fitted to you.

We’re all individuals and we’re all different. A bust measurement might read size 12 on the designer’s chart, the waist size 14, while the hip reads size 16. For a stress free run up to the wedding, we would suggest, in this example, ordering for the hip measurement. Our seamstress then alters the bust and waist down, the dress fits you perfectly and what the size label says is irrelevant!

Claire suggests...

You never know when you are going to fall in love with your wedding dress. It’s a magical, never to be repeated moment, so you need your very favourite people to share it with you…the people you normally shop with…the people who listen to you and really know you.

We can seat up to four guests per bridal party. If you do feel you need more, let us know and we will make special arrangements, although this may not be possible on a Saturday.

Jo says..

We have everything covered so you don’t need to worry about anything but if there is a special family veil or piece of jewellery you’ll wear on your wedding day, it’s a great idea to see bring it to see how it will look with our dresses.

We have changing room shoes for you, but you might like to bring a comfy pair of your own with the heel height you’ll wear on the day.

Other than that, come just as you are, all excited to find your dress!

Sue says..

Although the majority of our samples are bridal sizes 12 to 16, we also stock a selection of beautiful fitted, A line and ballgown plus size wedding dress samples in bridal sizes up to 24.

Essense of Australia offer a plus size loaner gown service, so we can order an Everybody Everybride sample into store especially for you to try, if we do not have the design you are looking for in stock. Essense charge you a fee for delivery but we refund this charge if you buy your wedding dress with us.

Rita explains...

Don’t worry!

Within reason (2 dress sizes), your dress can be pinned to your current measurements at your first fitting. After that, you will need to maintain those same measurements for a perfect fit on your wedding day!


We do!

Our seamstresses have over 40 years of experience in this highly specialised skill. They answer frequently asked questions on our alterations page but if there is anything else you’d like to know, please get in touch, we’ll answer anything you ask us.

Claire explains...

If its technically possible we can do it!
If you would like to personalise your dress with straps, a shrug or a little more cover up at the bust, it’s no problem, we can suggest lots of options at your styling appointment. If we don’t think it can be done, we will tell you honestly and up front.

Sue says..

Yes, we can store your dress until two weeks before your wedding. We steam it and press if for you all ready to wear. We suggest collecting two weeks before your wedding, if possible because, if you do decide you would like any further work done, we still have time to do it. There is no time left if you don’t pick up until the day before.

Sale Wedding Dresses

Haley explains...

To make way for new collections we offer some of our fabulous designer wedding dress samples at sale prices off the peg. This means you don’t have to wait for the dress to be made, you can buy it there and then and it’s yours to take away that day.

Adele says..

Choose dresses in your size or above.
An experienced bridal seamstress can alter a wedding dress down by at least two sizes.

Sue says..

Our sample dresses range between £550 and £950


Claire explains...

Sorella Vita bridesmaids dresses are made specially to order in your choice of colours and sizes. Allow a minimum of 18 weeks for them to be made plus time for delivery and alterations.


Sorella vita dresses can be ordered in up to size 30.

Haley explains...

Chiffon and satin styles are available in the full range of Sorella Vita colours.
Styles made in other fabrics have their own colour range. Our consultants will show you swatches and colours for each style which can also be viewed on the Sorella Vita website.

Kaye explains...

We don’t want to disappoint you; so yes, please book in advance, to be sure there is a consultant and changing room available when you arrive.
If it’s a spur of the moment thing, give us a call first. If we’ve had a cancellation, we can give you a time to come, if not, we can offer you our next available appointment.


Sue says..

We do!
For wedding dress and bridesmaid alterations, you can hire the service of Adele who works in her own premises – Perfect Fit – Tuesday to Saturday – locally in Scissett. For all other alterations, Rita is available in the boutique on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Haley says..

Your seamstress will quote you individually (with no obligation) so you only pay for work that is needed for your dress to look perfect. Typically, alterations cost between £200 and £350 plus any style changes requested.
This service also includes all steaming and pressing so everything is ready to wear on your wedding day.

Adele explains...

At least two.
At the first, your seamstress will pin your dress. She sews it and then you return to try it again at your second fitting. You may need additional fittings if the dress needs any further work or if you are adding style changes.

Rita suggests...

Approximately 10 to 8 weeks before the wedding.
Once you have had your first fitting, It is important to maintain your current measurements, otherwise your seamstress will have to repeat her work and this incurs extra charges for her time.

Rita explains...

In quiet periods this is no problem.
During peak bridal season, fitting diaries get fully booked so it can be very difficult for the seamstresses to find time slots for rescheduling. If you do need to rearrange your fitting, please give them as much notice as possible.

Claire says..

It is really important to bring the shoes you’ll wear on your wedding day to all your fittings otherwise Adele will not be able to alter and check length of your dress. If you’re wearing a wedding bra, please bring that too.

Mother of the Bride, Groom & Wedding Guests

Sue explains...

We buy our Mother of the Bride and Groom outfits and wedding guest dresses from new collections twice a year. They are sold off the peg in the sizes and colour we have in stock. Lots of our Mums come to Limelight on recommendation from other Mums who have bought from us so, to keep our outfits exclusive, we only buy three of each style and one of each size.


Our prices currently range between £150 and £900

Sue says..

Our designers manufacture in sizes 10 to 24.


Everything from formal to floaty, plain to patterned, fitted to full skirted, with and without jackets

Jane and Rita Modelling..

We stock coordinating hats, fascinators and clutch bags by Max & Ellie. We don’t stock shoes.

Haley replies..

We do!
Rita is available in the boutique for fittings Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10 am to 4 pm.  Adele is available Tuesday to Saturday at her fitting room – Perfect Fit – in Scissett. The cost depends entirely on the work that needs doing and our seamstresses will give you a no obligation quote.

Sue says..

We don’t want to disappoint you; so, to be sure there is a changing room available when you arrive, its a good idea to book an appointment, especially on a Saturday. We leave you to browse uninterupted but, if you are booked in, we are available to help if you need us.
If it’s a spur of the moment decision to come, give us a quick call and we can look at our diary and suggest the best time.

Mens Wedding Suits

Haley explains...

Both. All our suits are available to hire. If you would prefer to buy, we can place your order with the manufacturer if they have your style and sizes in stock. Allow a minimum of 6 months before the wedding when ordering to hire or purchase.

Haley says..

This depends on the suit you choose. Hire packages include jacket, trousers, waistcoat, shirt, tie or cravat and hankie and start from £104.95

Sue says..

This depends on the suit you choose. A two-piece mohair suit starts from £295. Tweed suits start at around £400


We have dinner suits for hire at £79.95, but you can hire any of our suits for any occasion – weddings, the races, prom, graduation, dinner dances, renewing your vows.

Kaye explains...

We don’t want to disappoint you; so yes, please book in advance, especially on a Saturday, to be sure there is a consultant and changing room available when you arrive.
If it’s a spur of the moment thing, give us a call first. If we’ve had a cancellation, we can give you a time to come, if not, we can offer you our next available appointment. Just to let you know, in peak wedding season the men’s room is very busy therefore it would be best to give at least 3 weeks notice for a Saturday appointment.


Allow a minimum of 6 months before the wedding to choose your suits style and colour. Adults are measured 3 months before the wedding. We measure boys, who are still growing, 3 weeks before. Please be aware that our measurements service is not available until all deposits have been made.

Sue says..

We can advise on how to take measurements which can be emailed to us.

Jo explains

We can re-measure and change the order, free of charge, up until no later than 2 weeks before the wedding.
If you request a change  later than that, or after the suits have arrived, the hire company charge a reallocation fee of £10 per garment.

Jo explains...

Hire suits are usually available to collect a week before the wedding and must be returned the first day of Limelight opening after the wedding e.g., the Tuesday or Wednesday after a weekend wedding.