So its taken a while – apologies! But here is all the details and photos from our latest fabulous Catwalk event! 


We are proud to say we raised an Amazing £427 for the amazing charity ‘Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice’ with the help from all the beautiful attendees you made our event all the more special! We are overwhelmed by the support of all the girls that came to our boutique on the 27th of October, and know that all the money raised will help children with life shortening conditions and their brave and wonderful families. 



The Essense Of Australia Catwalk Show

The Catwalk featured 2017/18 bridal and bridesmaids dresses from our leading label Essense of Australia – which are still available to try in our fabulous boutique!


Behind the Scenes

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The Boutique 
The Sorella Vita Catwalk Show

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The Essense of Australia Catwalk Show

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Thank You!

We want to say a Special thank you to our gorgeous models who made these dresses come to life on our catwalk – some of which were our very own brides! Also a huge thank you to David at Chatty Photography for the wonderful pictures, and Hannah at All Things Borrowed for the beautiful rustic seating! Finally, thank you to Eleanor Moxon and Fearne from Rage Studio in Barnsley, for the beautiful hair and make-up!




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