Following the success of last year’s event, we cannot wait for this year! If you are not familiar with what White Sunday is all about – let me fill you in…


It all began with the utterly disappointed bride and the utterly disappointing wedding gown.

ONLINE Wedding Dresses 

Now, if you’re a bride-to-be you will understand the absolute devastation this would cause:

the wedding dress you have been dreaming of the wedding dress that was so glamourous, the one that everyone would admire the  wedding dress that you were promised by the ever so convincing website the wedding dress you had made to measure the wedding dress that brought tears to all the special people in your life in the picture the wedding dress you pictured your partner seeing you in the dream wedding dress for so much less the wedding dress that finally arrived ………. the wedding dress that was NONE of the above

You see, all too often we speak to devastated brides who have experienced this awful situation first hand. They trusted and invested their hard earned, well saved, wedding budget in a faceless billion dollar internet industry that illegally uses genuine designer photos to sell cheap, counterfeit dresses, made of stiff, itchy, ill fitting fabrics. To add insult to injury, websites selling counterfeit wedding dresses will  not refund your investment, leaving pockets empty and dreams shattered.

The OUTLET Experience

Alternatively some brides purchase perfectly nice gowns from huge outlet chains but they tell us that something is missing from the experience. They believed they had to trade off the pleasure and expertise of shopping with an established bridal boutique to be able to buy within their budget.

The experience of buying your wedding dress is part of your wedding story – a story you will tell through the generations. My Mum always tells me of her own bridal experience, how she visited a little independent  boutique in Hendon, North London, one Sunday morning, and fell in love with a beautifully beaded, scalloped, buttoned dress, that the consultant had picked out specially for her.

One of our amazing designers Ian stuart talks about the importance of expert advice, commenting how expertise is essential with any important purchase what ever it may be, from a car to a wedding gown. Expert advice will guarantee that you are choosing the best product for you!

‘Going to a bridal shop allows you to try on shapes you wouldn’t have even considered. Many brides end up wearing a gown that looks nothing like what they originally thought they wanted.’

He also talks about the importance of accessorising and all those special finishing touches that a reputable boutique, will help you with.

 ‘Trying on veils, jewellery, headpieces, gloves, boleros, wraps etc can really transform the mood of a gown, help you realise its potential, and how a gown can work for you.’    

Bridal boutiques specialise in delivering a personal, professional and expert experience for each and everyone of their brides whatever the budget.


The Solution 

Savvy brides have discovered that they don’t have to give up the pleasure of working with specialist bridal boutiques to buy a genuine designer gown at a price they can afford.

Once a year, Limelight teams up with other beautiful boutiques in West Yorkshire for The White Sunday Bridal Sale. Here you get the full bridal experience – trying on designer wedding gowns with the help of creative and highly experienced consultants – and you will also get an unbelievable discount on your sample gown. We, along with Alison Jane bridal and Gowns Uk are selling off the peg designer wedding dresses, with prices starting from £150!  Designers include Essense of Australia, Ellis, Ian Stuart, Caroline Castigliano, Annais, Nicola Anne, Alexia Designs, Daisy by Alexia, Heritage Balbier/Wyatt, Romantica, KWH, Stewart Parvin, Eternity, Sonsie, Enzoani Blue, Benjamin Roberts and Enzoani Beautiful. There is up to 75% off gowns to take away on the day and plenty of sizes to choose from!

To register free of charge for this amazing event at The Holiday Inn Garforth Leeds just go to You can also follow the event page on Facebook at

We’ll See you there!