Corseted Wedding dresses


If you are the sort of bride who wants to show off your beautiful curves, then the ideal dress for you is non other than the masterpiece that is, the corset-back wedding dress. This genius piece of fashion not only gives the illusion of a taller more slender silhouette, but also pulls you in at the waist, accentuating your naturally curvaceous figure, while offering your bust excellent support. Or to sum up, it’s a god-send!

Through proper corseting, even those of us who are some-what lacking in the lady lumps department, can achieve the holy grail — the hour glass figure.  However, if the proper methods of traditional corseting are not applied this can spell disaster! From brides fainting at the aisle, to ill fitting corsets that make you look frumpy and distorted. But thats the bad news! The good news is, corseting is easy once you know how. So, we have put together a little video to show you, step by step, how to properly lace a corset back wedding dress…


Limelight Occasions How To Video…

For more how to videos follow this link!


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