Its understandable that, at some point, most brides start to feel the pressure of their big day; I know I  did. With all the things, people and places to think about its no surprise stress has been associated with such a special time!

Limelight recently had the pleasure of working with the beautiful and wonderful Becky! And, from the moment she walked through our doors, we couldn’t help but notice the uncontainable excitement she felt – it was infectious. It seemed Becky was determined to make every memory leading up to her spectacular wedding day a happy one! And it really shows in the brilliant photographs taken on her big day – which absolutely ROCKED.  Becky pulled off an amazing, care free, beautiful occasion  -smiling from beginning to end!

becky happy

Becky has shared with us some wonderful memories of the lead up the to the big day:

Love at first sight? 

Was it love at first sight? If not, when did you realise he was the one?

Dom and I met through my oldest friend, Kirsty. She attended school with him and he had confided in her that he quite liked me! Unbeknownst to us both, she invited us to her house and then went out for an hour! We were essentially forced to get to know one another! However, I’m so glad she did – Dom reminded her about this story at the wedding in his speech and thanked her wholeheartedly too. If  I’m completely honest, the first thing I thought about Dom was that he was too old for me!! I was 15 and he was 18 when we met and I’m sure my Mum thought the same! He was however ‘my type’ looks wise – I was and still am a sucker for a long haired, tall, dark guitar player in a band! Although I wasn’t initially too sure, after three months of meeting in October, he finally won me over and we started dating officially on January 1st 2005. 

The Proposal 

How did he propose?

Dom’s family is Italian, and with Italy being so important to him, he decided to surprise me there. On 18th February 2013 at the Trevi Fountain he explained the reason for bringing me to Rome and pulled out a ring and asked me to marry him.  He didn’t get down on one knee though – I still bug him about that! I cried and of course said yes. 

The thing I was happiest about is that Dom had been to ask my parent’s permission before the holiday, very important tradition if you ask me! – they of course gave their blessing – after my Dad’s lovely warning ‘She’ll turn in to her Mother, you know that don’t you?’ 

eskimo kiss

The Ring 

Tell us about your engagement ring

Dom proposed with a ‘token’ ring from one of my favourite shops in Halifax as he knew full well how fussy I am and that I would like to choose my own, but he also knew I’d want an engagement ring to wear for the duration of the holiday!

So after4 full days of walking around Rome – we then spent a whole day walking around Manchester looking for the perfect ring! Dom had been saving secretly for some time and told me to choose whatever I liked. I thought I wanted something different such as a black diamond or opal – however, like most girls I was taken in by sparkling diamonds and went for something more traditional from Fraser Heart. It had an antique look and when the ring was the exact right size and I could take it home that day – it had to be the one! 



‘I knew I’d always be with Dom forever, even if we never got married.’ 

The Venue 

What was it about Oakwell Hall that made you choose it for your wedding day?

We are definitely not stately home type people and knew we wanted something far more rustic that we could make our own. We are regulars at Oakwell Hall Country Park walking the dog and when Dom’s Mum informed us they have a marriage license and we could both marry and have our Reception in their listed barn which held more guests than the hall itself – which would have been a bit of a squeeze for Dom’s large Italian family – it seemed like the obvious choice! 


becky laughing
 We thought the pictures of you and Dom taking time out in the grounds together were very romantic and again you were both obviously having so much fun  – we loved the dog walking – whats it’s name how long have you had him/her?

It was important to Dom and I to have our beloved lurcher Barney with us on our wedding day. Barney came to us around 4 years ago from a tough upbringing so seeing him looking so happy and dapper in his bowtie was great. He had also joined us on our engagement shoot and managed to steal the limelight both times!

becky running

Dom and I are not a soppy couple so we are so surprised at the talent of our photographers catching little romantic moments together! We are silly though, so it was no surprise we have photos giving piggy backs in the beautiful grounds

becky piggy bank
becky holding hands

The Preparation

Tell us a little bit about how you prepared for your wedding – which things were the most important to you?

We had a nice long two and a half year engagement. Mainly because it gave us plenty of time to save and I was set on making most of our decor myself so needed time to do that! I was very lucky to have lots of bridesmaids to help me! I went to lots of wedding fairs for inspiration and my bridesmaid Helen is a stickler for craft detail like me so we had many a day making button holes and decorations! My Mum is also a whizz with a sewing machine and that was invaluable! There was pretty much nothing in our wedding that wasn’t homemade!

It was important our wedding looked well thought out, fun, different and most of all ‘us’ We knew exactly what we wanted and involved all our friends and family – there is nothing worse than a dull wedding so we wanted to make sure there was lots going on, good Italian and Yorkshire food and a live band! We decided that some things were definitely important than others so spent the money where we wanted to (dress, band, photographer) and saved where we could.

wedding favours

The Dress 

You looked truly amazing on your wedding day. What were you looking for when you set out to find your wedding dress? How did you know it was THE ONE?

I was a bit of a rock chick, even a little gothic in my youth! So I knew I was not going to be the typical princess on my wedding day – I wanted something edgy and different. Ian Stuart provides that in each one of his dresses and I was desperate to be an Ian Stuart bride! I had this image in my mind that my dress would be ‘ripped’ and accentuate my waist and always knew I would never wear a white wedding dress. I also think – hey its your wedding day, if you can’t go big and crazy with your dress then, when can you! Initially I choose Antoinette from Revolution Rocks…however after seeing the new Lady Luxe collection – I quickly contacted Limelight asking if it was too late to change my mind as I had fallen for Pracatan in honey! They were amazing and encouraged me to try both dresses on together and make my decision. I knew when I had Pracatan on it was the dress I was going to get married in, it was everything I imagined I would wear. Mum cried, again, done deal! I also knew my wedding day was the only chance I was ever going to get to wear a veil, so Limelight found me the perfect one to get with my dress, long, theatrical and matching in colour. I was lucky enough to receive a sketch of my dress from Ian Stuart too, proudly framed in my bedroom. Limelight are so efficient, welcoming, professional and patient. They are impartial and allow you to make your own decisions – they also have muscles which rival the Hulk’s – with the amount of weighty dresses they get you in and out of! They always remembered and greeted me by name, looked after whomever I brought with me at fittings. They take an interest in you and your wedding and the talented seamstresses make the dress fit perfectly. I would only recommend Limelight to any bride to be, there would be no need to go anywhere else!

coulour dancing
dancing hubby

The Big Day 

We loved the pictures you sent, you obviously had so much fun on your wedding day!

All Dom and I did on our wedding day was laugh and dance! We were so incredibly happy all day long and so many people remarked that we looked so happy every single second!

rock out


The Entrance!

We especially love that you rode pillion to your wedding. Was that your Dad driving? He looks to be an ace dancer – the pair of you obviously have a great time together — what’s he like?

I am the youngest of three daughters for my Dad and ever since I was little – I had this dream to arrive at my wedding on Dad’s motorbike, I loved riding with him over the years and was desperate to arrive in style! We did have a ‘back up’ in the form of a beautiful Bentley called ‘Bessie’ which is owned by Dom’s honorary big bro Dan which took myself, Mum and Dad to the venue itself – but Dad and I hopped on the bike for the last part of the journey! My Dad is the coolest Dad in the world, nearly 70 but showing no signs of slowing down! We have the best relationship and I am certainly my Father’s daughter, not phased by riding motorbikes, driving pick up trucks and renovating houses! I grew up listening to rock and roll and asked Mum and Dad to teach me to dance like them for the wedding! Dad and I decided to boogie to ‘Do you love me’ before pulling Mum and Dom on the dance floor where my parents showed everyone how its done!

Becky motorcycle
dancing dad

All The Little Things 

Could you tell us a little about your bouquet?  Because we know you made it yourself, and that you included some very special pieces such as buttons from your grandfathers uniform.

I made my bouquet myself. I am quite arty and was determined to make pretty much everything – especially the bouquet! It was a mixture of everything. I used faux flowers, made book page roses and added ribbons and jewellery to hang down. It was important to have personal touches in the bouquet. While we were wedding planning, we were also renovating my late Grandparent’s house as my parents were going to live there. We found all sorts of personal items such as Grandma’s brooches and Grandad’s band uniform. I added the jewellery and removed the gold buttons from the uniform to allow me to have a little piece of my Grandparent’s with me on my wedding day, This theme continued as family members and friends also gave me brooches and other items to add to the bouquet including buttons from one of Dom’s old coats and pieces of my own jewellery were added. I also scoured charity shops and car boot sales for vintage brooches.



The images of the table were fab. Obviously a lot of thought went into the special touches that made your day truly unique. We are especially intrigued by the ball with garter – did you throw it instead of the bouquet – how did it come about?

It’s actually an American Football – Dom is a huge American Football fan and even coaches a Yorkshire Team during football season so it was very important for this to feature in our wedding – even the cake was attacked with this theme (a beautiful cake with a football smashed in to the side of it!). As my bouquet was so heavy we decided throwing it was unsafe and the football would take this role, however, there was so much going on at night we forgot to do this!

becky rugby
We also love the pic of you and your Mum enjoying a very special hug – we noticed her button hole saying Mum of the Bride and Dom’s saying Groom – great idea – did you make them yourself – how did you go about it?

My Mum is incredibly important to me. We have a wonderful Mother Daughter relationship and I appreciate every single day with her as she was diagnosed with cancer some years ago so our time together is so precious. She requested a song for us both to dance together, that’s where the teary hug came from!

becky and mum

The button holes were all personalised for the wedding party. My bridesmaid Helen and I spent hours making book page roses, adding a small white rose to them, cutting out an Oak leaf shape from recycled card, stamping them with names then wrapping together with florist tape ribbon and adding a pearly pin!

becky husband

The Main Event

How did you feel when you saw Dom waiting for you as the ceremony was about to begin?

As I listened to Dom’s cousin play ‘Canon’ on acoustic guitar all I could think about was lets get to the front and get married! I smiled the whole time walking up the aisle and during the ceremony.

becky lifted


If you had to choose just three favourite memories of the day which would they be and why?

My favourite memories mainly involve our crazy photographers Chris and V! They include desperately wrestling to get an umbrella up as a storm cloud lets loose while having a dance at the viewing point over the Country Park, standing in the dark and rainy woods (fine by us) as Chris photographs us from above in a tree and Verity throws smoke bombs at our feet and sets flashes up along the ground and everyone gathering together for the last song in a huge circle with our photographer spins in the middle snapping away!

purple mist


Untitled 24
becky brolly
Were there any unexpected surprises that made you laugh on your wedding day?

As mentioned before – we were lucky enough to get married outside but later in the evening the heavens opened and it absolutley threw it down! We remember returning to the barn wet through and covered in mud! We just couldn’t stop laughing – you wouldn’t believe what we looked like!

venue view
Which song did you choose for your first dance as a married couple?

We had the most fantastic Jonny Ross band  – who the lead singer incidentally I went to Primary school with! They were kind enough to learn our first dance song ‘Here’s to Us’ by Halestorm. The lyrics were very poignant and it may not be a typical first dance song – but it fit us perfectly.


Final thought

You were such a happy, relaxed yet excited bride from the moment we met, when you very first came to Limelight, how would you advise new brides to get the most enjoyment from planning their wedding and the run up to the day?

My biggest advice is enjoy it! Its your wedding! Don’t get stressed by anything in the run up, it should be a pleasant experience to plan your wedding, not a chore. You and your fiance need to remember above all that it is your special day, not anyone else’s. Do what YOU both want to do. A wedding is what ever you want it to be – if you want to arrive on a motorbike, play american football, forget the top table plan, not pose for millions of staged photos – then do all those things! Don’t get swept up by wedding politics and traditions, make your own. 

Becky smiling

Bex xxxx

Becky’s photographers really were amazing, they have been ranked in the top 50 in the world, to see more of their wonderful wedding photography follow this link –

becky the end

Here’s what Becky has to say about the people who helped them create their perfect day:

* Photography – Sansom Photography (husband and wife Chris and Verity documented our day better than we could have ever imagined)
* Catering – Friends for Dinner (Tasty food, presented in a professional manner and served by capable and polite staff)
* Music – Jonny Ross Band and Blue Star Tattoo (BST provided a lovely acoustic set outdoors during the drinks reception, JRB incredibly talented and professional, kept the party going all night and learnt our first dance song. We had so many comments about how fantastic they were, great front man Jonny and talented musicians).
* Venue – Oakwell Hall Country Park (Listed barn perfect for larger weddings, the grounds fit an outdoor ceremony perfectly and the hall is itself is also licensed for weddings)
* Balloons – Pamella Dunn Events (Great service and really made a difference to the venue – personalised too!)
* Make-up Artist – Natalie Greenwell (Genuinely one of the nicest people I have met, very calming and friendly, listens to what her clients want and provides flawless airbrushing)
* Hair – Hb’s Hairdressing (Provided 7 different hair styles on the day without breaking a sweat!)

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