We are pleased to announce that Limelight is taking part in West Yorkshire’s first collaborative designer sample sale on Sunday the 18th of October 10am to 4pm at Holiday Inn Garforth Leeds. This event is specifically aimed at any bride who wants to buy a designer dress off the peg and take it home the same day with expert guidance from four local bridal boutiques

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The Problem

The world of weddings is always an adventure and fortunately most of our brides feel that everything is going to plan. However, occasionally we are faced with a tearful bride who needs our help.

Why? Usually, its one of two things, either time is not on her side and she has left it to late to order the designer dress she had hoped for; 0r, she has bought, what she thought would be her dream dress, on the internet and ended up bitterly disappointed.

With thousands of websites dedicated to the mass production of “designer” made-to-measure gowns at minuscule prices, we are not surprised that lots of girls put their trust, not to mention a substantial amount of their wedding budget, into these organisations. However the truth is that internet wedding dresses are rarely ever what they are advertised to be, more often then not, they are tragic, poorly made copies of the real thing. And worse still, non-refundable. When we ask these girls why they chose to order online, most of their responses are the same…’ Weddings are expensive and it seemed like the only way to get a designer gown at an affordable price…’

internet dresses gone wrong

The Solution

Many bridal shops have designer sample sale dresses available to take away that day, solving the issue of time and expense. The gowns are 100% genuine designer quality and the bride is given the same experience that she would expect when ordering directly from the designer. At Limelight we have an extensive range of high quality designer dresses by huge industry names such as; Stewart Parvin, Ian Stuart, Essense of Australia, Ellis Bridals and many more.

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However whilst most girls find exactly what they are looking for, sometimes we are unable to provide a deserving bride with her dream sample dress which just happens to be in her size! Thats why we have teamed up with three of West Yorkshire beautiful bridal boutiques to create an event that every bride will want to go to.

W    H    I    T    E         S    U    N    D    A    Y
collaborative designer sale

white sunday

The event will showcase an extensive selection of designer dresses from all four shops under one roof at a huge discount for brides-to-be to try, buy and take home the same day (so its probably a good idea not to bring your partner!) Leeds is great central location with easy access from all major towns in West Yorkshire. Brides will be offered a vast range of expertise and skills to help them choose the perfect gown, and to reassure them that it is the brides best interest we have at heart, all staff members will work with all gowns from all shops.

Keep a look out for more updates on this event on Facebook, Google +, twitter and our website! #whitesunday



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