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Weddings can certainly run away with your cash so, not surprisingly, savvy couples are keen to save money while creating an amazing day.

Smart ways to save your wedding cash:

  • marry out of season on a week day – this way you can snap up the fantastic deals offered by venues during their quieter times.
  • fab shoes don’t need to cost a fortune if you avoid big name brands – make sure they are comfy though – its a long day on your feet
  • hold your ceremony and reception at the same venue or at two places within walking distance of each other – you will save transport costs
  • consider a buffet instead of a sit down meal this saves waiters wages
  • hire graduate student musicians – very talented and a fraction of the cost of professionals

Photography by Sarahrabbin at 315

But what about the wedding dress?

Every bride wants to look and feel fabulous on her wedding day – let’s face it – with all eyes on you, your gown is the most self-expressive dress you will ever wear. The good news is you don’t have to blow your budget to wear an amazing designer bridal gown. You just have to be in the know. So what are your options?

Amelia by Essense of Australia £550 Bridal Sale Week Limelight Occasions


Buying your wedding dress online seems is tempting on the face of it. There are hundreds of sites on the internet offering designer wedding dresses at a fraction of the recommended retail price. But there is a saying – if it seems too good to be true then it probably is and this is never more true than in the case of the online wedding dress.

This is how it works – the discount website steals the images of a gorgeous wedding dress off the designers website. You, the bride are led to believe you will get an exact copy of this dress at a fraction of the price. But there is another saying – you get what you pay for in life. If you order a cheap copy of a designer dress from a discount website, you risk a poorly made dress  arriving in cheap fabric, looking nothing like the original design, which was made from quality fabrics by highly skilled seamstresses overseen by a top designer.

These nasty copies are usually made in China with no option for return and refund. Suddenly you are on your own with a wedding dress you wouldn’t be seen dead in and now you have to buy another dress – no savings there then!

To spot a counterfeit wedding dress manufacturer look out for these tell tale signs:

  • there is no money back guarantee
  • there is no contact information or returns policy on the website
  • there is no alterations department or shop you can visit if you have a problem
  • the website isn’t listed on the designers website. Only authorised stockists can sell that designer’s collections – anyone not listed as authorised is likely to be selling counterfeits.

But don’t take my word for it – check out the link  or simply type counterfeit wedding dresses and read the horror stories for yourself.

The High Street

Many high street stores are currently offering a small selection of wedding dresses – I’ll have those skinny jeans in a stone washed size 10, oh and that wedding dress please………….. really??? 

 Outlet Stores

Recently chains of wedding dress outlet stores have opened across the country. This seems like the answer for the budget conscious bride – rows and rows of the same dress in different sizes for you to queue up to try, buy and take away. Our brides report that the dresses are OK for what they cost. You queue for someone to  help you into your dresses and you have a limit of four. If you don’t find your dress among these four you have to go back to the end of the queue and start again. So you get an OK dress with an OK service but is Ok good enough for your wedding dress – the most self expressive dress you will ever wear? You can do so much better and still work within your budget!

Authorised Designer Stockists – independent bridal boutiques

Wild flower by Ian Stuart £950 Bridal Sale Week Limelight Occasions

Did you know that authorised stockists of designer wedding dresses are experts in bridal styling and sizing and regularly sell sample dresses – original top quality wedding dresses – off the peg at reduced prices? This is because they have to make room in the store for new collections. The beauty of this is you know you are buying a genuine, quality designer bridal gown and it really is a fraction of the price it would be to order. Now that is the way to save money on your wedding dress! Tell the boutique’s bridal stylist your budget and what you are looking for and she will find you an amazing dress that truly is a bargain – it’s a no brainer!

To help brides find a gorgeous, genuine wedding dress at a price they can comfortably afford, The BBSA – the British Bridal Suppliers Association whose members include well known, highly respected designer bridal brands and authorised bridal retailers, are holding a national bridal sale week. Limelight is very excited to be a part of this event – so check out images of our sale dresses at and ring us on 01484 605185 or email to book an appointment for bridal sale week Friday 30th June to Friday 7th July 2017. Our bridal stylists will help you find your wedding dress at a fraction of it’s normal cost and you can take it away that day! We look forward to meeting  you!







It all started with a naked cake. Jeanette, good friend and wedding cake maker extraordinaire, had come into Limelight to  display her fabulous cake creations in our window. We were chatting about our upcoming photo shoot at 315. This beautiful wedding venue has just entered another league by adding a spa, landscaped gardens and additional rooms complete with bridal suite to its facilities. Emma, 315’s wonderful wedding planner, had invited us both to shoot at the venue with our very favourite wedding photographer and friend Sarah Brabbin. Jane, the incredibly creative woo ‘b’ woo fairy was to dress 315 with all things beautiful  including flowers for our stunning Limelight bride, family friend and model, Kaye Audsley. We always have an amazing time when we shoot together and we were all set for a day of creativity and photographic fun but Limelight still had an important decision to make…

Jeanette, of course, has to plan well ahead for a photo shoot but we were were still undecided about which of this season’s dresses would most wow the camera (we are always spoilt for choice) Jeanette mentioned she was shooting naked wedding cakes. Many brides now opt for cakes stripped of icing – hence the term naked cake. This brought to mind the hottest look on all the bridal catwalks right now – the trend for wedding dresses to reveal tantalising glimpses of flesh – and we immediately knew which of our dresses to take to the shoot!

Bridal Trends to Tantalise

 Head turning haute couture wedding dress by Adam Zohar

Reveal Your Most Beautiful Bit

According to Noel Coward’s song in 1934… In olden days a glimpse of stocking, was looked on as something shocking, but now, God knows, Anything Goes and the beauty of the dare to bare wedding dress trend is that you can choose to reveal your favourite bit – or his! This season bridal designers have really gone to town with illusion – lace and buttons appear to simply float on naked backs.

 Stunning back detail will draw the eye down… to the waist…

then to the hips …

and finally …the whole length of the body to the train … our amazing Lexie dress by Essence of Australia is the perfect example!

If you are worried about shocking straight laced Aunties, soften the revealing effect with an intricate cathedral length veil …

then bare all later when they have had a couple of Sherrys!

If your favourite bit is your midriff, then slightly parting separates are for you. Mabel by KWH is stunning in its simplicity and an absolute show stopper.

Sarah’s amazing pictures of Kaye in  Mabel say it all!

A revealing side panel will lengthen your waist and draw the eye

as will a plunging neckline carefully designed to create drama with  only a glimpse ff flesh.

If you love the look, but don’t quite dare to bare, create the illusion with a heavy lace lined in nude  or gold…

or allow a peep at your feet with a high low hem or …

exotic foot jewellery

Have fun with this trend, flirt with it and enjoy the photo opportunities on your wedding day as much as we did – not to mention the scrummy chocolate cake!

Sarah, Jeanette, Emma, Jane and the gorgeous Kaye – I cannot recommend these talented ladies highly enough – thank you for another great day girls!

Eternity wedding dress trunk show at Limelight Occasions

The thing we love most about trunk shows is that they give us the chance to introduce you, our brides, to the people who create your gorgeous wedding dresses. These amazingly talented people produce our stunning bridal collections and work with us behind the scenes to make sure your gown is perfectly made and delivered safely to Limelight in plenty of time for your big day. So we are excited to welcome Giles Turner, Yorkshire’s very own answer to Randy Fenoli to Limelight. Giles will advise you on styling  during our Eternity Bridal Trunk Show on the 19th & 20th May. Whether you are looking for sexy, boho, fairytale, sophisticated simplicity, vintage beaded, Hollywood glamour or classic English Rose looks, Giles will help you find the perfect dress from the latest collections from Eternity, Art Couture, Christina Wu and Adrianna Papell.

Adrianna Papell

Giles Turner

Giles love of fashion began when he worked in his father’s fashion showroom in Leeds. Giles then went to Bliss for Brides magazine, becoming their fashion editor, and so his career in the bridal world began! Giles is an extremely experienced bridal stylist and for many years ran his own bridal boutique. Now he works with bridal boutiques all over the country helping them choose the very best of the Eternity Bridal group’s designs for their brides. We thought you might be interested to know a little bit about Giles before you come to meet him so we asked him a few questions on your behalf …

What did you enjoy most about working with brides in your boutique?I loved fulfilling their dreams for their big day, I know it sounds corny, but seeing them light up when they find their perfect dress.

Tell us what you most enjoy about your current role. The variety, from choosing the collection to visiting various stores thoughout the UK

Who or what inspires you and why? I’m inspired by creativity on any level, the talents humans have for creating beautiful things whether its fashion, design or art.

What is your all time favourite dress from your collections and why? That is a hard question, there  have  been so many, I always say I used to be a magpie, so anything sparkly lol

Fitted wedding dress with 1920’s inspired sparkle by Christina Wu

Which fashion era do you love most? 1920s

What is your favourite film, food, holiday destination, style icon? Pretty Woman, Tapas,  New York, Audrey Hepburn

What are your pet hates? Leisure wear as a fashion statement

Top five things on your bucket list? Visit Costa Rico, build my own home, run a marathon, walk the great wall of China, loose 4 stone lol

If there was one bridal related career move you would like to make – what would it be? I’m very happy doing what I’m doing.

When our brides meet you on our designer day, what can they expect from you in terms of styling and advice? Honesty, if I don’t like the dress on someone they will know. Also after the many years I’ve been in the business, my ability to help find the style that is just right for them.

Serena John

The lovely Serena John is part of the design team at The Eternity Bridal Group. We thought you would like to know a little about the person behind the pencil responsible for some of the gorgeous designs our brides are wearing this season.

What was your first job? A pot washer in the village pub at the age of 14!!

How did you become involved in the bridal business ? Through my dentist, who is family. Amanda has the same dentist and whilst doing her teeth, he asked if she had any vacancies, as I had recently been made redundant.

Have you always been a designer or did that evolve from other roles in the business? I have always been in the fashion industry. I started sewing at the age of 11 and then went on to college, then university in London where I studied at St. Martins. From there I worked for various designers including Hussein Chalayan. I have been working for Eternity Bride for 8 years, I started working in the warehouse dealing with deliveries and worked my way up. My job today is still varied, which I love. Some days I’m in the warehouse dealing with deliveries other days I’m sketching the next collection with Amanda.

Who or what inspires you and why? I know it sounds daft but everything. I love all forms of art, textiles and history. At the moment I am obsessed with Japan and it’s culture. I’m trying my hand at Origami, I’m not very good though, I tried to make a butterfly and it looks more like a squashed frog.

What is your all time favourite dress from your collections and why? At the moment it is a Christina Wu dress, style 15638, I love the fabric and the beadwork is beautiful. 

Which is your favourite celebrity wedding dress? I loved the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress.

What is your favourite memory from your own wedding? Cripes, that’s tricky to answer. I know I should say seeing my husband etc. but it would have to be walking down the stairs and my dad seeing me for the first time in my dress. He got quite choked up and my dad is someone who never shows his emotions….that was a moment I will always treasure.

What would you advise brides to think about when choosing their dress? Keep an open mind, you may have an idea of what you want but 9 times out of 10 that isn’t always the dress you end up with. Try on different styles, you may be surprised what suits you.

Who would you most like to design a wedding dress for? I would have loved to have designed for Elizabeth Taylor, especially the marriage to Richard Burton

Which fashion era do you love most? I have two, ‘20’s for the beadwork and fabrics and 50’s for the silhouette shape from Dior.

What is your favourite film, food, holiday destination, style icon? Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, curry – just love spicy flavours, Mauritius as that is where I went on honeymoon. Style icon……don’t really have an icon but I love the French fashion and how the women dress, so chic.

What are your pet hates? Cruelty and people using my fabric scissors for cutting paper!! 

Where do you see your career heading in the next 10 years? I would still love to be designing for Eternity Bride, I love working here.

Now you have met Giles on paper – why not meet him in person? To find your wedding dress among Serena’s amazing designs with honest advice from one of the industry’s most experienced bridal consultants phone us on 01484 605185 or book now at







Max & Ellie hats for mothers of the bride and groom and ladies day at Limelight occasions near leeds huddersfield and wakefield

We love that kids have no inhibitions about dressing for the occasion. We have four little ones in our Limelight family so every day is an adventure – the mere suggestion of popping out into the garden to feed the birds results in a rush to the long row of coats and hats hanging in the hall to find the appropriate garments.

A hat is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit for any occasion.

A hat can be functional, formal or fun!

“A hat is a flag, a shield, a bit of armour and the badge of femininity. A hat is the difference between wearing clothes and wearing a costume; it’s the difference between being dressed and being dressed up; it’s the difference between looking adequate and looking your best. A hat is to be stylish in, to glow under, to flirt beneath, to make all others seem jealous over and to make all men feel masculine about. A piece of magic is a hat.” – Martha Sliter

The Easter Bonnet

With Spring in the air and Easter just around the corner, we are all sorting out our wardrobes and choosing outfits in brighter colours for the new season. Traditionally when lent finishes, fasting gives way to celebrating new life and the onset of Spring. The wearing of new clothes, including hats, represents this renewal.

Easter bonnets, however date from before Easter itself. The first bonnets were simply a circlet of fresh  flowers symbolising the cycle of the seasons. Later hats were also adorned with pine cones, feathers, seashells ribbon and paper flowers.

The Sunday of Joy following the ending of the Civil War allowed mothers and daughters to come out of mourning clothes and wear bright colours again.

The famous Easter Parade in New York began in the 1870’s and here hats really came into their own as ladies paraded proudly, showing of their new Spring clothing and lavishly adorned Easter bonnets.

Our kids absolutely love making and wearing hats for Easter – long live the tradition!

This year, at Limelight, we have sold more hats for mothers of the bride and groom and for the races than ever before. Our clients are telling us they want  statement hats and  Max & Ellie are producing just that. Hats, fascinators, discs, hatinators and pill boxes (sooo Jackie O) are now arriving by the boxful in all the new Spring colours – we love flo green and mulberry.

Did You Know?

  • Hat makers are called milliners because the best hat designs of the highest quality came from Milan.
  • The saying mad as a hatter came about because the fumes from the mercury used in making felt hats were inhaled by the milliners and made them deranged.
  • One for the boys …… a hat trick is so called because in cricket a hat was awarded to a bowler who dismissed three batsmen with three successive balls.
  • To stop bar room brawls wrecking their property, saloon keeps would erect a boxing ring in the bar area. If customers wanted to fight they would throw their hat into the ring. A saying which is still used today for anyone wishing to enter a competition, race or politics.
  • The saying to set your cap at someone means you fancy them. Long before the days of central heating, young women used to wear caps indoors to keep warm. If a lady was  expecting a gentleman caller she liked, she would set her best cap on her head in the hope that he would notice her.

Which hat shape will suit my face?

Ladies Day at the races or a wedding day is the perfect occasion to look and feel your best by making a statement with what you wear. So what sort of hat SHOULD you wear? It’s all about proportion. If you are small, a large hat with a wide brim can be overpowering. Look for something smaller. If you are tall, look for styles with more width.

Round faces: create length in your face with a hat with a tall crown which will give you height. Look for medium to long brim fedoras, porkpies and trilby styles. Avoid anything low to the head and rounded which accentuates roundness.

Oval  Faces: lucky you – pretty much any style will suit you – go for something fashion-forward and make a statement!

Oblong Faces: need a little width and a shorter crown to balance out the length of the face. A medium sized floppy, cloche, crusher, or bucket style works.

Square Faces: to soften the angles choose a curved silhouette. Floppys, cloches or bowler styles will help to round out your features.

Heart Shaped Faces: slim the forehead to make it appear more narrow with any brimmed style of medium length.

Max & Ellie at Limelight – hats to suit every face

Whatever the occasion…

…wear your hat…

…with style…

and … a smile!


The arrival of our fabulous Spring season Mother of the bride and groom collections from John Charles, Lizabella, Ella Boo and Daisy May got us thinking about getting together with our favourite wedding photographer, Sarah Brabbin for a Mother’s Day inspired photo shoot. You have been telling us how much you like to see our wedding dresses and Mother of the Bride and Groom outfits photographed on real women so Sarah asked her friend, Steph and her Mum, Lynne, to model for us. Sarah suggested Cannon Hall House and Gardens which is licensed for wedding ceremonies and, with the Spring flowers in bloom, provided the perfect setting.

We love this lemon and silver dress by Ella Boo. Team it with this boxy lemon jacket and Max and Ellie hat in mist, for a contemporary look with a real sense of occasion – perfect for a Spring wedding.

Our Mother’s Day shoot began with coffee in Cawthorne while Claire, our stylist, treated Lynne and Steph to some early morning pampering. Hair and makeup done, we headed off to the Butler’s Room in Cannon Hall with armfuls of hats, wedding dresses and Mother of the Bride and groom outfits.

This stunning simple Connie gown by essence of Australia is beautifully cut in figure hugging crepe. Elegant, timeless and effortlessly sexy.

A twist of lemon – a show stopping high low dress to make heads turn.

Mother’s Day How and Where did it all begin?

Our photo shoot got us thinking about Mothers Day traditions. I remember, as a child, excitedly dragging my Father out of bed so we could creep downstairs and make a surprise breakfast for my Mum to eat in bed but how and where did it all begin? What would we do without mobiles and Google? Between setting up the shots, we did a bit of research and found that far from being a marketing ploy invented by the greeting card companies, Mother’s day has been celebrated for centuries world wide and is a tradition we share with many cultures.

Confident in a striking fuchsia floral jacket with black and ivory trim – remove the jacket for simple and elegant – pure class

Napoleon declared that Mothers should be officially honoured on the Sunday of Pentecost because he wanted to reward the mothers of large families. During the first world war mothers of four or more children were given medals. And the Mother of all mothers? Was married to a Russian man called Feodor Vassilyev. During her 76 years she gave birth to 69 children – 16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of triplets and 4 sets of quadruplets! We salute her! After she died, Feodor went on to marry again and have another 18 children. Looks like he has the Father of all Fathers title sewn up too!

A vintage colonial feel glamorous yet relaxed.

Mother’s Day falls in May in India when traditionally you thank your Mum for everything she has done for you during the year. The family cooks a large meal and Mum is banned from the kitchen. Hindus in India celebrate the Divine Mother, the Goddess Durga, during Durga Puja in October. This ten day festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil.

The Andean population, indigenous to Peru, celebrate the gifts given by Mother Earth, Pachamama in August. Pachamama (that same sounds lovely when you say it out loud – try it)

This gorgeous Ian stuart wedding gown is named Forget Me Not after the beautiful and traditional pink, lilac and blue flower 

In the UK, the celebration is traditionally called Mothering Sunday and takes place on the Fourth Sunday of Lent. It originated in the 16th century when it was the custom for people to return home to their ‘Mother Church’ on ‘Laectare’ Sunday to worship the Virgin Mary. Those leaving for home were gone ‘ a- mothering’ and would take the chance to visit their families as well as their church. Many were domestic servants and would pick flowers from the verges along the way to give to their Mothers. This amazing wedding dress by Ian Stuart is called Forget me Not after the beautiful blue, pink and lilac flowers. Here in the gardens at Cannon Hall it was easy to imagine the domestic servants who worked at the hall leaving the grounds to go A Mothering back home in the surrounding villages, picking flowers along the way.

Mother’s Day Traditions

Forty countries celebrate Mother’s day on different days but there are many common themes, especially flowers and food, linking the festivities across the globe.

Thank you Mum … say it with flowers …

It is a French tradition to give a cake in the shape of a bouquet of flowers to Mum during a family dinner on Mother’s day,  while Australians honour their Mums by wearing carnations. A red carnation honours Mothers who are still with us, a white carnation honours those who have passed on. The chrysantheMUM is also often given to Australian Mums.

Japanese mothers are revered for their gentle strength as symbolised by the carnation. On Mother’s day children in school draw pictures of their mothers and their work is entered in exhibitions.

Flowers have their own language and by choosing a certain flowers for your Mum, you can express exactly how you feel. For example, the Azalea says take care of yourself for me and is a Chinese symbol of womanhood, Lily of the valley represents sweetness and a return to happiness it says you’ve made my life complete. The cactus is a symbol of endurance and might be the perfect gift from a teenager but might need also an accompanying explanation!

Show stopping – dramatic yet simple – we love the dynamic black and ivory floral against the lime – wow!

Thank you Mum … say it with food …

Traditionally Simnel cakes are associated with Mothering Sunday. During Lent, people resisted sweet foods, rich foods and meat. However, the fast was relaxed a little on Mothering Sunday and a light fruit cake was made, covered with a layer of marzipan with another layer of marzipan baked into the middle of the cake. Traditionally, Simnel cakes are decorated with 11 or 12 balls of marzipan, representing the disciples. The cake is thought to have been named after Lambert Simnel who worked in the kitchens of Henry VII of England around 1500.

All this talk of food sent us in search of the beautiful Cannon Hall dining room – the custodians kindly allowed us to shoot here and it is very possible that Simnel cake was served in this very room on Mothering Sundays in the past.

Effortlessly elegant

Ethiopians celebrate at the end of the rainy season, as part of the three-day Antrosht, dedicated to mums. When the rain stops members of the family come home to celebrate with a large feast. Daughters traditionally bring vegetables, butter, spices and cheese, while the sons bring meat. The ingredients are made into a traditional meal.

Many of the fruits and vegetables used in the Cannon Hall kitchen would have been grown in this walled kitchen garden while meat would have been reared on the estate.

Sweet foods such as chocolates are the most popular Mothers day gift with over £55,000 spent in the UK alone. Mothering Sunday is the most popular day of the year for eating out.

Serbian Mums have an unusual start to Mother’s Day. Their children creep into the bedroom when they are still asleep and tie their Mums up. They are not released until they produce gifts for the family. Er kids ……. just to let you know … we prefer the breakfast in bed with flowers and chocolate option…

It’s Official …

How stylish is this silver coat and dress by Lizabella? Team with a gorgeous mulberry hat and bag by Max and Ellie for sophisticated yet uber femine.

Anna Jarvis was a social activist born in Philadelphia USA in 1864. She campaigned for an official day – Mother’s Day – to honour all mothers in America after the death of her own Mum.

In the UK, we have a vicar’s daughter, Constance Smith to thank for the day we annually honour our Mums. She was so inspired by Jarvis’ campaigned she lobbied Parliament in 1913 for Mothering Sunday to be officially observed in Britain.

Although Mother’s day is celebrated in different ways on different days, the special bond of love and respect that connects families with mothers is shared across the globe.

Thank you Mums for all that you do and all that you give – you are truly awesome.

Happy Mothers Day!

If you like our selection Mother of the Bride and Groom outfits and would like to see more – give us a call on 01484 605185 – we wold love to meet you.


Thank you to everyone at Cannon Hall for making us feel so welcome – for unlocking gates, moving furniture and generally putting up with us. The Limelight team always have lots of behind the scenes fun shooting with the amazing Sarah and this shoot was made extra special by the very lovely Lynne and Steph – Thank you all so much – lets do it again very soon xxxx